Book reviews

Loss and friendship
haunt old friends

In its themes of loss and friendship and the insidious power of secrets, Kirsten Tranter’s perceptive second novel has much in common with her first, The Legacy. But Tranter has… Read more

War's long shadow

In an orphanage housing children who have barely survived the Korean War, the lives of three people become intricately entangled in Chang-rae Lee’s novel The Surrendered. Hector Brennan, an American… Read more

Navigating a path to posterity

In these two books, each of which takes a great seafarer and navigator as its subject, the particular interest of the authors is immediately apparent. Rob Mundle, sailor, journalist and… Read more

A catch for collectors

Weighing a hefty new compilation in the hand, a collector of sea stories has the same quickening of the pulse that assails the collector of china or the hoarder of… Read more