Can trust get trustier?

Trust starts out like a peony – multilayered, delicate, beautiful – and withers as we get older. Some dispose of it early, occasionally finding the odd petal hiding somewhere, and… Read more

A fix on falcons

It’s my extraordinary luck to have had, for a couple of years, a close seat at the virtuouso performances of Frodo and Frieda, the peregrine falcons that Brisbane takes to… Read more

Need to read
like breathing

Like many others, I am an Australian by choice but, partly still, African in sensibility. It is likely, therefore, that I would slip into narrative almost without thinking. It is… Read more

Fact, fiction and the
fine line between

A re-enactment of reported events on television. Biographers inserting themselves as characters in the story of their subjects. The boundaries of fact and fiction are far more porous than we… Read more